Maratha Kranti Morcha Updates: Pune

Maratha Community has called for Maharashtra Bandh on August 9. In Pune city, agitators are taking out, many rallies and protests.

Shivaji Nagar:

Maratha protestors had asked to grant permission for a bike rally for which the permission was not granted by city police. Protestors were urging to carry out a rally from Jangali Maharaj Road to Zilla Parishad (Collector) office.  Instead of carrying out a rally, protestors gathered at Shivaji Military School and paid gratitude towards Shivaji Maharaj. The crowd includes many women protestors and children too. Children have been shown with the card-boards hanging on their neck which has slogans supporting and seeking Maratha Reservation.

Maratha leaders have appealed to the police to not force their people and they will also not take law and orders in their hands. They want to protest peacefully.

Shivaji Nagar Court:

Pune Bar Association President Subhash Pawar has issued a letter to Principal District Judge Shriram Modak saying that mass protestors have gathered today (August 9) for Maratha reservation. Public Transport is closed due to which many lawyers won’t be able to come. So not to take any important cases today (August 9). Whereas only lawyers and Police will be allowed to enter in the premises of the court.

Heart of the city:


Mass Maratha Protestors have gathered in Peth (city) areas of Pune. Considering the safety issues police constables are been deployed from 2 am onwards in various areas of the city. Agitators stone pelted on Saraswat Bank which was half opened and asked them to close forcefully.

In Somvar Peth vegetable stalls was vandalised and women and children are also participating on huge numbers.

Alka Chowk and Dandekar 

There is no violence in the areas of Alka Chowk and Dandekar Pul area. There were many people participating in the rally with their bikes. All the public transport is closed for today (August 9) for the security concerns.

While talking to NPNEWS24, Sub-inspector Salim Pathan told, “We are here to help the citizens and keep them secure. It’s our duty and we are going to be on our feet today and always.”

There are many protesters participating in the rally, they were seen on the bikes with a saffron flag with Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s portrait printed on it. Most of the protesters were spotted at Alka Chowk. For safety measures, there are many police officers patrolling at the square.

There were also ladies police constables, “There is no violence from the morning and everything is disciplined and situation under control. We are here for everyone’s safety. The protest is assumed to end till 8 pm in the night as they are going to the collector office for their demands.” said lady police constable Sunita Nagargoje.

Another Police inspector Shrikant Shinde said, “We urge the people to keep patience. We are here for their security and in case anyone misbehaves or try to violate will be arrested.”

The protesters participated in the rally were shouting slogans like – ‘Jai Bhavani Jai Shivaji’ and ‘Har Har Mahadev.’

Collector’s office (Camp)

Protestors are performing “Dharna Aandolan” outside the Commissioner office. Despite it was raining, many ladies along with their children were also present for the Maratha Kranti Morcha. Internet services are also been shut down at many areas. Politicians including Former (Home) State Minister Ramesh Bagwe was also present for the Morcha. While protesting Ramesh said, “It’s time to be together for saffron and blue flags for reservation.”

Agitators have gathered outside of collector office shouting slogans of “Ek Maratha, Laakh Maratha” and few of them have done the hairstyle depicting the words “Laakh Maratha” in support of the agitation. They are also shouting “Fadanvis Sarkar, Hay Hay”. Few of them said, “Aarakshan det kasa nahi, ghetlya shivay rahat nahi” which means how they will not give the reservation, it is our right and we will get it anyhow. Many children have also participated with cardboards hanging on their neck which has slogan written: “aarakshan aamcha hakkach, naahi konachya bapacha” which means the reservation is our right, not anyone else’s.

30 Maratha Protestors will be scarifying their hair in support to the protest. Bike rallies are being carried out. Water bottles have been arranged by the protestors as they include women and children in huge numbers and shops are also closed.

There is a situation of traffic jam in the area though the agitators let the ambulance to pass by.

Keshav Nagar (Mundhwa):

The road in Keshav Nagar has been diverted. One single road has been kept open for agitators. All the shops and petrol pumps are closed due to security concerns on Kranti Day.

People are gearing up in this area. They are crowded in Tempos and their two-wheelers. Police officers have asked them to halt. In the meantime, the road is silent and peaceful.

Nanded city, Sinhagad Road:

Nanded city interlinked buses and autos are kept close. Security Guard of Nanded City Ashok Chavan said, “All the bus services and auto services are kept close considering safety issues.”

Pimpri – Chinchwad:

A meeting was held before four days at Pune ’s twin city Pimpri – Chinchwad.

As said by Police Inspector Santosh Girgosawi, “A meeting was held in order to convey instructions to Maratha Protestors to maintain peace on the day of mass protest. The meeting stated that No Rasta Roko will be performed in Pimpri – Chinchwad. 250 police officers are deployed in Pimpri – Chinchwad area. Police patrolling is going on and they have made fix points too.”

Pimpri – Chinchwad route is running normally as no Rasta Roko will be performed in the city.


A huge group of protestors have been gathered in front Yashwant Rao Chavan Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth. Protestors are maintaining peaceful protest and they are performing Bhajan Aandolan there.

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