Notorious Culprits started abrupt stone pelting in Warje



Notorious goons abruptly started stone pelting at the residents at Ramnagar, Warje on Sunday.

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Some 10-15 accusers came in the night at around 11 PM with their faces covered by cloth to hide their identity.

Reportedly, these accusers came in a group carried sickle, sword, and wooden batons, and they started hurting the citizens. The incident took place at Ankur Jyoti Mitra Mandal Ramnagar, Warje, Pune. They also destroyed the vehicles of the citizens at the spot. This created a very fearsome atmosphere at the spot.

Everybody was very scared, but the 38 -year old complainant decided to raise a voice against them. The complainant was identified as Raja Bhau Shelke, a resident of Ramnagar, Pune. But they did not even spare Shelke. He was physically abused by them making him severely injured.

Taking their father’s examples Vishal Shelke and Swapnil Shelke came forward to back their father. In order to stop Vishal and Swapnil, the accusers injured them as well. Vishal was stabbed by the sickle and swapnil was hit by cement brick.

Reportedly, Shelke is a painter and paints houses to earn his bread and butter. Whereas, Vishal works a garage and Swapnil rides an auto -rickshaw to support the family.

The case is lodged at Warje Police station. There here is no such statement from the officials, whether who these accusers are and what was the purpose behind this terrorizing act. The police is still maintaining that they are still investigating the case. Shekle and his sons’ heath is now out of danger.

There can be n-number of reasons behind this horrifying act. Since the criminals are roaming around freely the safety of citizens still remains a matter of concern for the authorities.

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