Say, Yes to Paper and get Stamped


Mekhola Mukherjee


We as humans, never fail to save papers, when it comes to saving the environment. Right from pressing the ‘no’ button when asked ‘do you want a printed advice?’ in atm machines to writing digitalized letters, people have been trying to save papers across the country.

Postal stamp released on the occasion of Paper day – 1 August, by Shri Girish Bapat, Hon’ble Guardian Minister of Pune

But in a recent study, all the thoughts about paper being non-environment friendly is proved to be wrong. The Federation of Paper Traders’ Association (FPTA) had taken a decision on 12 April, 2017, that Paper Day will be officially celebrated on 1 August every year. The same is been followed by all the traders’ associations.

What is Paper Day?

Paper day is an initiative to increase maximum use of paper. Paper day is celebrated to eliminate all the myths from the society regarding paper not being eco-friendly. This day is signified to take a pledge from people and make them believe that paper is biodegradable and that there is no harm to environment on using paper.

Why Paper Day?

According to the FPTA, they say, paper industry plants more trees as they harvest, paper is forest-based and not agro-based.Approx, 35% of Indian Paper production is fulfilled by using waste paper, 42% by agro residues, 23% from wood pulp, paper can be recycled several times.

Pune Paper Trader’s Association organized a rally on Paper day to educate the citizens of Pune to promote the use of paper among people on 1 August, 10:30 a.m. This rally was held by the workers of PPTA on 2 wheelers, right from the Narayan Pet hares, Pune to Modi Ganpati mandir area. The Deputy President of Pune traders’ association, Mahendra Pitdiya was also present during the rally.

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Also, in an event held on World Papers’ Day that is on 1 November 2017, Saurabh Bangur, president, Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA), which held in Delhi said that production of papers from trees are not really harming the environment.

Unaware of the fact, how effective this initiative will be in the near future, will it help eliminate the misbeliefs and myths from the society, such day is been decided to be celebrated. Will people be able to use paper freely? The answer to these questions still is awaited.

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In the race to make the papers biodegradable and recyclable, a lot many initiatives have been taken with time, let’s look at some points which are why we need paper essentially and on which we can’t compromise on:

  •  Newspapers and print media: Reading newspapers or any other printed form of material with a cup of tea is a daily routine you can’t really miss on. After all, how can you miss on all the latest updates and happenings around the world? Newspapers are a must.
  • Bags for daily grocery: After the ban on plastic bags, shopkeepers won’t take a risk on his job to wrap up and give you stuff inside polythene, here’s where paper bags come into scenario.
  • Wipe a tear, use a tissue: Tissue papers are a part of your life, which is also produced from papers. Due to its good adsorbing qualities, it is used to wipe away any unwanted molecule.
  • Sanitary Napkins: People are bound to stay fit, happy and healthy. For which maintaining a good hygiene is really important. Sanitary napkins are a requirement which you really can’t compromise upon!

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