Potholes Become Death-trap: Two people killed in last 15 days


Richa Pandya


Pune is one of the largest in Asia to have vehicles plying on road and with the mission of Smart city it seems the municipal corporations is spending money on its beautification and not on infrastructure.

As Riding two-wheeler on the roads of Pune seems to be life threatening due to potholes on road are takes another life.

Despite two incidences has been reported about in Pune city the Municipal corporation remains unheard. Under the name of Smart city intiative on what bases is PMC winning awards remains a puzzle.

On Saturday youth hails from Kashmir Sushil Maharaj Pandita died in a fatal accident on Saturday evening near Passport office ,Mundhwa.

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39-year-old Sushil an software engineer driving from his residence in Keshav Nagar to Mundhwa Junction. It was an usual evening for him. Around 6.30 on the evening of Saturday, while passing from the passport office in Pingle Wasti area, Sushil saw a pothole on his way.

He tried to take right to avoid pothole on his way, fatefully a truck carrying crude oil was passing from his right side. There was a pile of mud near the pothole where he tried to take right to avoid it.

Senior Police Inspector Anil Patrudkar said, “after seeing a pothole and in order to avoid it, Sushil suddenly applied break to his moving vehicle due to which it got skit because of the mud and he fell down. His head got stuck in the rear wheel of the truck. His life could have saved if he was wearing a helmet.”

Sushil was Bachelor and was working with an Multinational reputed IT company in Hinjewadi. He belongs to a Pandit family of Jammu and Kashmir. As soon as the family of Sushil got the news of accident, they rushed to Pune.

Police had filed a FIR against the truck driver who had surrendered. He was presented in court where he got bail.

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Senior Police Inspector Anil Patrudkar further said that they have witnessed so many accidents in Ghorpadi-Mundhwa area. The roads get slippery because of mud as the water pours from water tankers passing in these area. Police are in process to issue a notice against such tanker drivers and owners. In last week, four to six policemen have got injured till the date.

In another accident a 20-year-old girl named Zainab Hatyari a college student was also killed in a road accident occurred because of pothole near Khadi Machine Chowk and Pisoli on last 13 July.

As per the information given by police officials of Kondhwa police station, Zainab was on her way to a college to get her admission cancel as she had got admission in another college where she wanted to peruse her post graduate. The incident took place on Saturday last around 10.30 on Saturday, Zainab had left from home to cancel her admission from a college in Handewadi. Zainab was crushed to death in an horrid accident in a similar way after she fell off her two-wheeler because of a pothole on the edge of the road.

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Zainab Hatyari was the resident of HM Royal in Kondhwa. It is considered one of the posh resident localities of the city.

As per the information given by her relatives, her father lives in Dubai. Zainab’s father could not see her daughter her and family is scattered. Zainab was the eldest and a strong pillar of the family.”

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) must take initiative to avoid such incidents. Pothole’s creation is not in PMC’s hand but the renovation of the roads is and it’s people rights. As this government has rooted on pothole pre election campiagn in 2014.


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