Monsoon Touch-up 

Follow them make-up routine



It’s not really wise to wear makeup during monsoons for obvious reasons. But if you are a makeup junkie and going barefaced isn’t an option for you. Here are some tips and a routine that would help you to keep your makeup for long. The generic and most obvious is using waterproof products and avoid too many layers of makeup. Following these tips and routine will make you look on point and dazzling like a diva. As the Founder of Bobbi Brown has rightly said, “I believe all women can be pretty without makeup, and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup.”

Tips, Tricks and Routine

  1. First of all give you face a good wah and gently massage your face with ice cube. It would perspire your skin and prevent your makeup from smudging. If your skin is dry or semi-dry use astringent after massaging with ice cube.
  2. Say goodbye to heavy hydrating moisturisers. You can use powder base or light moisturiser if you want.
  3. Use primers/first base before applying foundations. The primer will lock your makeup and will help it to last long.
  4. Instead of using wet foundations, go for cream or cushion foundations. Since, these are light on your skin, it will be able to carry these foundations well. 
  5. Do not forget to powder your face. Use loose powders. It matifies your skin and also help in locking up the makeup and preventing it from smudging.
  6. Do not forget to go in with a blush for a flushed look. Plus who doesn’t want to highlight their cheeks?
  7. Waterproof mat eyeliner and kajal are a must. A woman’s day is always incomplete without it.
  8. If you are a fan of eye makeup, do not forget to highlight your lashes with waterproof mascaras.
  9. Last but not the least, Lipcolor! Every girl’s best friend. And using it is like salt to taste. Everyone has their favorite. So, go on and find your day one.

Some Expert Advice:

Mrinal Kale an upcoming makeup artist’s routine might help you.

“I would advise my clients to go waterproof and light in monsoons. Take care of your skin, don’t let the pores open as it leads to pimples. Keep soft face tissues and keep your face dry and clean, this will avoid the bacteria which attacks the skin due to the humidity.”

According ro the Founder of one the best makeup school from Pune,

“Always be on the bright side this monsoon, try bright lipsticks and opt for waterproof and smudge proof eyeliners.

Bold eye and bright mouth draws away attention from the dull skin. You can skip the foundations, contouring, little bit of concealing works a long way.”

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Avoid using highly hydrated moisturisers.
  2. Make sure that the products suit you skin.
  3. Use smudge free and water resistance products.
  4. Do not wear too many layers of makeup.
  5. Use powdered, cream or cushion products.
  6. Not using waterproof or smudge free eye makeup products would ruin your eyes.
  7. Use setting sprays are must!
  8. Remember to use good makeup removal products.

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