School bus catch fire near Shaniwarwada wall

NP NEWS 24 ONLINE – The panic created after thick fome started coming from a school van on the busy road near Shaniwarwada on Saturday evening.

The visitors which came to visit Shaniwarwada which was moving out on the busy road was not allowed to come out as the police had blocked the entrance as well as retrained people moving near the van.

The school Omnibus bearing number MH-12-HB-1325 plying heading to Shivaji road carrying passenger just adjacent to Shaniwarwada wall.

Due to Diwali shopping the roads leading to City were jam and on Saturday around 6 pm the ongoing vehicle alerted the van driver about the thick fome coming from the van.
Based on which the passe gets were moved out and the Fore bridge was alerted.

According to police, ” the incident has took place near the entrance of Shaniwarwada safety wall. The reason of such spark is unknown which lighten the fire. For some 20 minutes the fore bridge jawans are trying to doze off the fire and fom. The traffic has slow down as we have barricaded the area.”